Include Instance ID and S/N/T to AMP reports

Post author
Ashley Miller

We are requesting the ability to set the default view of all AMP reports across our organization and all child orgs. Specifically, we want it to default to show Severity, Noticeability and Tractability (not just Severity) and AMP Instance ID in all reports.  

This will make it easier to track back to the AMP report for the items we have mitigated. This way we can get the same consistent data to our app teams, and inform them that they need to have a reference to the Instance ID in all of their Jira tasks, which would then be properly prioritized for review and remediation. This will cut down on a number of inconsistencies in reporting to and from the app teams. 

In addition, this feature would be beneficial to Level as well as its clients, since Level requests Instance ID for validation testing and Advisor tickets. 




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