Violation status history for regression/validation testing

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Paige Hendrickson

Currently, when a client requests validation/regression testing we have to copy the report and write notes manually for "not fixed" and "partially fixed". If an issue is marked as fixed some clients want a separate report with all the fixed issues removed so the compliance score updates. If there are multiple rounds of testing, there could many comments that are too long to fit the "code snippet" text field with the character limit of 3000. Having to create multiple reports is time consuming and does not bode will when the client would like the report(s) immediately. Additionally, it can take longer than necessary to edit out fixed issue for VPATs.

This can be solved by allowing testers to provide violation status (Fixed, Partially Fixed, Not Fixed). When a violation is Fixed, it no longer gets counted against the Compliance Score for clients and does not show up in the Compliance Tables for VPAT creation.




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