How a Client Manager Can Run Reports in Access Academy

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As a user with a Client Manager role in Access Academy, you can run reports on the usage across your organization. Reports fall under two sections:

  • Library: Four, standard out-of-the box reports: Client Engagement, Content Usage, Learner Usage and Onboarding Responses Log.
    • Client Engagement: A deep dive into how learners across licenses are engaging with your site and content.
    • Content Usage: Insights around how learners interact and consume content across licenses.
    • Learner Usage: Analysis around learner visits, completions, and views.
    • Onboarding Responses Log: An overview of responses to your learning site onboarding survey.
  • Explore: An area where the Client Manager can create a custom report. The user can choose a starting point and filter as they wish, creating a custom report.

Library Reports

To get to the Library and Explore sections, navigate to your dashboard and select Reporting from the side navigation. For the library reports, select the name of the report that you would like to run (Client Engagement, Content Usage, Learner Usage and Onboarding Responses Log). On the next screen, the "Select a Sublicense" dropdown will have only the organization in which you are a Client Admin as a selection. Next, you can choose a start and end date. The report will autofill in the screen below.

To download your report, select the three vertical dots for Dashboard Actions to the right of the report. You can download this report in either CSV or PDF format. If you would like to add this report to your favorites, select the star icon in the top right of your screen.

image showing three vertical dots for dashboard actions where a user may download the report

Image 1. Screen showing three vertical dots where a user can access the dashboard actions and download a report or clear cache and refresh.


Explore Reports

Explore is an area where you can build your own custom reports using filters. Explore is powered by Google Looker. The explore section has several 'starting points' from which you can build your reports. There are different sections such as Learners, Learner Content & Progress, Content and Learning Path Actions. Select any of these as a simple starting point, and you'll be able to filter out lots of data so you are not tied to a particular "starting point."

After selecting a starting point, there are many filters on the left side which you can select. As you select each filter, you are deciding what you'd like to include in each report. As you select each filter such as first name, email, content title, etc., you will notice the report start to auto-run with new columns of content.

When you've filtered all of your report content, select the Run button. When your report has run, you can save your report as a Look and/or a Dashboard. After you've set up dashboard, you can set them up to be delivered to people via email and schedule the delivery at any cadence you'd like. For more information, please watch the detailed video below.


Step-by-Step Video: How to run library and explore reports in Access Academy

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