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Welcome to the new, rebranded and relaunched Access Academy. Access Academy is the culmination of years of investment guided by user feedback and decades of experience in digital accessibility. Let's show you around. First, let's start with a glossary of terms that we use in Access Academy.


Self-paced e-learning: learner is able learn on their own time and schedule, as they have control over starting, stopping and picking back up on online courses that they are taking.

Instructor-led training (ILT): the practice of training and learning material between an instructor and learners, either individuals or groups. This may be done in a virtual, online environment or in person.

Course catalog: Course descriptions for Industry-leading courses to meet your unique training needs. All training options can be hosted virtually or in-person.

Learning Path: A pre-determined sequence of learning activities to accomplish a specific goalwhere enrolled learners will be guided through the activities in a controlled manner. Set of courses you take in a sequenced way; whether it's online, live training. We have pre-determined learning paths for self-paced courses and training. 

Notifications: automated emails to send to learners upon certain events and triggers.

Points: In our training, you earn points and the points earn you badges to training activities, enticing learners to complete their training to gain a position on a leaderboard.

Leaderboard: Visual representation of a competition that allows you to compete with your fellow employees while taking your assigned training.

Badges: Awards given to learners after completing a pre-determined amount of learning activities.

How to Log In

There are several ways to gain access to Access Academy:

(1) MANUAL LOGIN: If you manually log in today (meaning, you do not go to our AMP product first), you will receive an invitation to Access Academy. The email will look similar to the email shown below. 

Welcome to Access Academy! We're excited to help you get started on your accessibility journey. Please select the "Accept Invite" button below. You will then be prompted to change your password. The Access Academy dashboard will load and contain all your learning items.
Happy Learning!
The Access Academy Team

(2) AMP LOGIN: If you log in via our AMP product, your organization will be moved over to Access Academy on May 16, 2021. On this date, starting at 9PM EST, the current "University" button in AMP will be renamed to "Academy" and the URL will change to point to the new Access Academy. In other words, your users do not need to do a thing. When they select the Academy button in AMP, they will automatically land on the new Access Academy dashboard.

(3) SSO LOGIN: If you are an Enterprise customer and choose to have Single Sign On (SSO) set up from one of your internal systems, this will allow your users to gain access to Academy by logging into your internal system with your credentials and using SSO right into Access Academy. No additional login credentials are necessary. If you are interested in this, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

How to Manage Your Profile

You can manage your profile by going to your profile icon in the top, right-hand corner of your screen. Navigate to Profile Icon> Profile and you can change your password, modify your name and upload an image.

Screenshot of Profile icon with the option to open the profile page to modify your name, upload and image or change your password

How to Launch a Learning Item

From your course catalog, there is a tile designated to each learning item. To open, simply select the image, the title or the link at the bottom of the tile.

Screenshot of a course catalog item with a photo, a title, description and link to open the learning item

How to Navigate Your Dashboard

Upon logging in, you will land on your user dashboard. From the dashboard, you will be able to see how many learning items are available to you, how many you have started, how many you have completed, and how many collaborations you have participated in.

Dashboard Stats Widget and Global Search

The dashboard statistics widget at the top of the dashboard keeps you updated on your accessibility learning journey, showing the number of learning items you have available to you, the number you have started, the number you have completed and the number of collaborations you have participated in.

Dashboard stats widget on Access Academy dashboard, which shows assigned learning items, number of items you have started, number of completed items and number of collaborations you have participated in.

The global search can search everything across the platform from course content to articles, blogs, video transcripts and more.

Screenshot of global search bar and search button on the Academy dashboard

How to Filter the Learning Catalog

The learning catalog contains items such as self-paced elearning courses, learning paths, instructor-led training and much more. You may search for items in the search bar, filter items and sort them. In the left navigation, you can filter by time to complete lesson, role and competency. We have the ability to build out the filters and tag courses as we build up the catalog.

Screen shot of course catalog on the dashboard, which contains search, sort and filters to filter the catalog

How to Register for a Premium Live Training Event

If you have a license that grants access to our Premium Live Training calendar, you can register for an even directly from Access Academy.

Select the event title or the Register Now button to register for each event.

Screen shot of a promotion for a premium live training event with title, photo, description, presenter name, date and time and a register now button

How to Collaborate with Team Members

Everyone is at a different stage in their accessibility journey. We have an interactive way to do just this right on your dashboard! The collaboration widget allows you to participate in a discussion or start a new one, where you can ask specific questions to team members or offer up answers to questions that have been posted.

To start a new discussion, select the Start a New Discussion button. To search discussions, simply search a keyword in the search bar or filter discussions.

To participate in a discussion, select the discussion tile and add your comments to it, then save.

Screen shot of the collaboration widget, where a user can start a new discussion, search a discussion, filter a discussion or join a discussion

How to View Your Transcript

To view your transcript, go to your Profile icon in the top navigation, then select Transcript. Your transcript will load.

Screen shot of profile icon with a dropdown menu with a selection for Transcript




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