Continuum for Javascript (Cucumber / Selenium)

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About Continuum for Javascript

Access Continuum for Javascript (Cucumber/Selenium) allows developers who are familiar with Cucumber and Selenium an easy and painless way to embed automated accessibility testing for their applications written in Javascript.

Selenium is a browser automation tool. It automates web application for testing purpose and is one of the most popular automated testing tools. Cucumber is a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing tool. 

By integrating with this widely used automated test framework, Continuum for Javascript (Cucumber/Selenium) provides developers with an easy and painless way to address accessibility concerns during the development process.

Continuum for Javascript(Cucumber/Selenium) includes 

  • Access Engine, specifically the automatic tests included with this accessibility testing engine
  • A sample project for Javascript(Selenium-Cucumber) that allows users to understand how to integrate accessibility testing into their current automated testing process. 


  • Node
  • Google Chrome


Install dependencies:

    npm install


Run accessibility tests:

    npm test

The URLs that are tested can be configured in the features/a11y.feature file. Simply replace the URLs in that file with the ones you'd like to test and run `npm test` in your console or IDE.

Test results will display the list of accessibility errors, along with details to guide remediation efforts. See "Access Continuum Test Results" for more details. 


Note that if you encounter an error like the following:

SessionNotCreatedError: session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 83

It means you need to update the chromedriver package in your package.json file for the version of Chrome you have installed. See this package's documentation for more information.


Rich API documentation for all the functionality supported out of the box with our Continuum JavaScript SDK, which this sample project uses, can be found here.

Questions can be emailed to Level Access support at, or get support from the community and the Level Access development team by posting questions on Stack Overflow with the following tags: #acccessibility, #webaccessibility and #wai-aria

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