Viewing Requests (Tickets) in Access Advisor

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Users may view their requests very easily on the Advisor portal. After a user has logged in, simply go to your profile icon and select "My Requests"

Below is a video that describes how to view your requests/tickets. Below the video are written instructions with screenshots.



The My Requests page shows all of the requests made by you, requests that you are copied on, and requests by your organization. You may filter the list to see Open Tickets, Awaiting Your Reply Tickets, and Solved Tickets:

My Requests page with a list of all tickets you have requested

This page defaults to the "My requests" tab. There are also two other tabs: (1) Requests I'm cc'd on and (2) Organization Requests. The following are definitions for these items:


  • My requests tab: This tab contains requests originated by you or a request that was submitted by someone else but changed the Requester to you.
  • Requests I'm cc'd on tab: This tab contains all requests where I have been copied on, either on the ticket itself or via email in the cc: field.
  • Organization Requests tab: This tab contains all requests that have been submitted by your organization.



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