Frequently Asked Accessibility Questions

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The Frequently Asked Accessibility Questions portal is accessed from the home page by selecting the Frequently Asked Accessibility Questions content block. 

frequently asked accessibility questions content block on the advisor portal

Here, the common questions are organized by topic of discussion. The FAQs are consistently being added and will serve as a self-service area users. The topics are as follows, and new topics may be added frequently:

  • Disability Awareness & Etiquette 
  • Design 
  • PDFs 
  • Mobility Disabilities 
  • Accessibility for Developers 
  • Top Most Common Web Accessibility Issues 
  • Assistive Technologies 

Please note that you can also find FAQs by utilizing the search bar and searching for a specific term.

Selecting one of these topics will bring you to the section containing commonly asked questions and answers. Select any question and you will be taken to the page for that question, which includes a detailed answer.  

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