Python: Continuum for Robot Framework using Selenium

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About Continuum for Robot Framework

This Python Continuum SDK enables accessibility testing with Robot Framework, a test automation framework, and SeleniumLibrary, a web testing library for Robot Framework that utilizes Selenium, a web browser automation framework and tool.

Google Chrome is used out of the box in this sample project, but Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge are also supported.

A custom Robot Framework library defined in `resources/continuum/` is used to load the Continuum Python SDK and defines some useful keywords available to Robot Framework tests for easily scanning pages for accessibility concerns.

The tests for this sample project that use the keywords defined by ContinuumLibrary are located in `tests/a11y-example.robot`.



Install dependencies:

        pip install -r requirements.txt


  1. Update ChromeDriver:
    webdrivermanager chrome
  2. Run tests:
        robot tests


Rich API documentation for all the functionality supported out of the box with our Continuum Python SDK, which this sample project uses, can be found at

Questions can be emailed to Level Access support at, or get support from the community and the Level Access development team by posting questions on Stack Overflow with the following tags: #accessibility, #webaccessibility and #wai-aria.

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