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Logging in to Access Advisor

Level Access customers get to the Access Advisor product in one of two ways: 

  1. Single sign-on from AMP
  2. Direct login to the Advisor Portal

Advisor link in the AMP navigation

If you are an AMP user, select the "Advisor" icon in the left-side navigation of the AMP product. Access Advisor uses AMP’s log in credentials via SSO (single sign on), so no additional login credentials are needed. 

Advisor Portal login

If you are not an AMP user, go to in a browser. Enter your email address and password* for Access Advisor, and select "Log in."

Access Advisor Homepage 

The Access Advisor Portal home includes the following features: 

  1. Home buttons (Level Access icon and Home icon) that lead back to Advisor homepage
  2. Search articles bar, which searches keywords in articles
  3. Profile Icon, which links to profile page (if user has access – otherwise, link will not be activated)
  4. "Topics" dropdown, which links to Whitepapers and DAMM (Digital Accessibility Maturity Model) articles
  5. "My Access Advisor Cases" button, which links to all Advisor cases
  6. "Request Testing" button, which links to a form to request testing
  7. "Get Consulting" button, which links to a form to get consulting
  8. "Get Training" button, which links to a form to get training
  9. "Tips for Using Access Advisor," which links to an article with recommendations on how to best use the Access Advisor product
  10. "Whitepapers" tile, which links to whitepapers. 

My Access Advisor Cases

Access Advisor customers can view all of the cases that they have submitted. When selecting the "My Access Advisor Cases" button, users are directed to a screen that displays all cases in a grid with the following information for each case: 

  1. Case number (selecting this link takes users to the case details page) 
  2. Status (open, closed, on hold) 
  3. Contact Name (selectable only for those who have access to this contact information) 
  4. Account Name (selectable only for those who have access to this account information) 
  5. Subject:  Subject of case 
  6. Priority: Normal | High 
  7. Date/Time Opened 

My Access Advisor Cases screen

Case Details 

When a user selects a specific case within the "My Access Advisor Cases" grid, the details of the selected case are loaded on the screen. The case detail view contains two tabs: 

  1. Details: This tab displays the email address and email subject of the case submission email, along with various request and account details. 
     Case Details tab
  2. Comments, History and Attachments: This tab displays comments and correspondence between you and others from your organization and all associated Level Access employees regarding the case, as well as the case history, and any attachments. 

Comments, History and Attachments tab on the Case Details screen



The Whitepapers section of the Access Advisor Portal provides users with access to Level Access-authored whitepapers, organized by subtopic. Select any of the Whitepaper subtopics to view a list of articles on the topic. 

Users can also access the "Request Testing" and "Get Consultingfunctions from this section of the portal. 

Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM)

The DAMM section of the portal provides Advisor users with access to articles that outline Level Access' Digital Accessibility Maturity Model. new DAMM articles landing page has several components: 
1) Selectable DAMM subtopics  
2) List of articles, each shows: title, intro text, number of views, date it was added, and category of article 
3) Request Testing button 
4) Get Consulting button 
5) Article count  

Requesting Testing

Access Advisor users can request testing services via the "Request Testing" form. Users can request a variety of testing services, from audits to spot checks or regression testing. The form requests information that will help the Level Access Accessibility Services team get started testing as quickly as possible. 

Requesting Training

Select the "Get Training" option to request training services.  

Other Advisor Requests 

The "Get Consulting" form can be used to request any other services aside from testing or training, such as asking an accessibility question or getting help with remediation of an accessibility issue. 




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