AMP Bug Tracker Plug-In: Configuring the Organization Integration for Jira


Before the AMP Bug Tracker integration can be used by organization members, the connection to the external bug tracking system must be created, and the forms for creation of tickets in the integrated system must be configured for the AMP organization. Organizations can use their existing JIRA or IBM Rational Team Concert form configurations to allow AMP users to create tickets in the integrated projects. AMP users who are authenticated in the connected bug tracking system will be able to create tickets in integrated bug tracking system.

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to AMP as an Organization or System Administrator.
  2. Choose the Administration link in the left navigation.
  3. Choose the “Create Bug Tracking Integration” link from the right nav.
  4. Select the “Atlassian JIRA” radio button and press the “Create Integration” button.
  5. Enter the URL of the JIRA instance we are connecting to, the “Consumer Key” for AMP created in Step 10 of the previous section and browser to the jira_privatekey.pem created in the “Prerequisites” section.
  6. Press the “Validate” button and wait for the validation to complete.
  7. Once Validation of the JIRA instance is complete, press the “Submit” button.
  8. Press the “Update Project Mappings” button on the following screen.Jira_Integration_Options_Screenshot.png
  9. Select the “Please authorize AMP to use your JIRA instance” link on the resulting dialog.
  10. Press “Allow” on the resulting “Welcome to JIRA” screen. This allows AMP to use OAuth to integrate with JIRA.
  11. After pressing “Allow” the screen from Step 8 in this section is presented. Press the “Update Project Mappings” button.Jira_Integration_Options_Screenshot.png
  12. Select the checkbox for the JIRA Project(s) that should be available to AMP and press the “Next” button.

  13. Expand each JIRA Project, select the checkbox for each issue type AMP should be able to create in this JIRA Project and press the “Next” button.Jira_Integration_Step_3_Select_Issue_Types_Screenshot.png
  14. Expand the JIRA Issue Types for each Project and select which JIRA Issue fields to include in the AMP “Create Bug Tracker Ticket” form by checking the “Include” checkbox. The JIRA Issue fields can be prepopulated with AMP values by selecting the AMP Fields in the “AMP Field Mapping” dropdown. Once all fields have been selected press “Submit”.Jira_Integration_Step_4_Select_Field_Mappings.png
  15. The JIRA Integration will be listed on the resulting page.Bug_Tracking_Integration_with_Jira_Integration.png
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