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Newly revised for Access Analytics 4.0, the "Summary Dashboard" provides the user with an overview of the results from Access Analytics testing on a specific domain. This dashboard is made up of several widgets all designed to help you in tracking the accessibility of your web content. These widgets include:

  • Total Violation Instances:
    • Displays the total number of unique violation instances as of the most recent daily snapshot. Additionally the widget will display a trend line recording the positive or negative movement over the past four weeks.
  • Violation Distribution by Severity
    • This widget displays a bar chart representing the number of violation instances at different severity levels. Violations will be divided into "Low" "Medium" "High" and "Critical"  based on the severity ratings of the affecting best practices. (Learn more about Best Practice Severity)
  • Total Pages Monitored
    • Displays the total number of pages that have ever been tested by Access Analytics for the selected domain.
  • Failed Best Practices
    • Displays the number of Best Practices that have been impacted by at least one violation in the most recent days snapshot from Access Analytics as both a total number and as a percentage against the total number of Best Practices.


Screenshot of the Access Analytics Summary Dashboard

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