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Access Analytics 4.0 introduces the "Portfolio Dashboard" to help you manage all of your projects that are being monitored with Access Analytics. This dashboard is built around a filterable table of the different domains being monitored.

Above the main table you will have controls to filter which information should be populated. These controls include:

  • Group filter: Allows the user to filter the list down to domains within a specific group.
  • Search filter: Allows the user to type text in to search for domains  which will be populated in the table.

 The table itself is composed of the following columns:

  • Domain: Lists all domains in the organization. The domains should be displayed as links, with each one linking to the "Summary" dashboard with the selected domain selected in the "Domains" menu. If there is a display name specified for the Domain, it should be displayed in this column. If there is no display name specified, the Domain URL should be displayed.
  • Linked Asset: Displays the linked asset as a link to the asset's dashboard in AMP.
  • Group(s): Displays the group or groups that the domain belongs to.
  • Total Violation Instances: Lists the total number of violations instances.
  • Total Pages Monitored: Displays the total number of pages that have been tested. 
  • Average Violations per Impression: Displays the average number of violation instances found per impression.
  • Average Daily Impressions: Displays the average number of impressions across all pages of the domain per day.
  • Failed Best Practices: Lists the total number of Best Practices with at least one failure on any page in the domain.

Screnshot of the Access Analytics Portfolio dashboard

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