Uploading Selenium Scripts

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AMP allows users to upload one selenium script when creating a crawling (spider) test in AMP. The Selenium script will execute before the AMP test, allowing you to script pathways into your websites and applications through authentication and user workflows to where you want AMP to test. It is worth noting that because the script runs before the test it cannot be used to script behavior during the crawl. AMP currently supports selenium scripts of the following file types:

  • JSON
  • HTML
  • SIDE

The guide below will walk you through the process of uploading a script to AMP. If you would like to learn more about Selenium we recommend you reference the Selenium resources

Uploading a Selenium Script to an AMP Test

Once you have your Selenium script prepared you will want to upload it into AMP. To do this you will want to log into AMP and then navigate to the relevant AMP Asset where you will be creating a test, or modifying an existing test. From the Asset Dashboard you will want to select the "Tests" link

Location of the Test link in the Asset dashboard

 This will bring you to the "Tests" table, where you can see all the tests associated with the Asset, or create a new test.

Test table, with the Create a New Test and Edit Test options highlighted

Creating a new test or editing an existing test will bring you to the test configuration view. This view will contain the controls for uploading your Selenium script

Test Configuration View, with Macros section highlighted

Within the "Macros" Section you will have the following controls:

  • Name: The name of the Selenium Script. This will be pre-populated with the file name when uploaded, but is user editable if you want to give the script a new name.
  • Upload Script: This contains a "Choose File" button which will launch an explorer window to select the Selenium script you want to upload from your computer. *Note, only JSON, HTML and SIDE file types are accepted.
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the uploaded script

Upload Selenium Script table within the Macros Section

To upload the script you will simply select the "Choose File" button, this will open an explorer window where you can navigate to and select the Selenium script you wish to upload. Once you select the script you can choose to modify the "Name". Once you have completed these steps you can make any final changes to your spider configuration and then select the "Save" button to save this test. The Selenium script you selected will be uploaded to the test and will run before the test initiates.



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