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Screenshot of the violations by priority page within AMP


The Priorities view of an AMP report has been introduced to consolidate data from sever previous views including; Report Violations, Violations by Priority, and Violations by standard. The new Priorities view gives users a flexible, customizable, framework for understanding AMP's prioritized ranking of accessibility violations. This new view will always display the "Priority Ranking" and  "Violation Type." Additionally you will be able to customize the table to display several additional fields Outlined below:

  • Severity: The Severity rating for the best practice: Severity is a measure of how large an impact on the user experience a violation of the best practice will have.
  • Noticeability: The noticeability rating for the best practice: Noticeability is the likelihood that a given violation will be detected by users of a system.
  • TractabilityThe tractability rating for the best practice: Tractability defines the estimated costs associated with ensuring that instances of a violation are fixed in accordance with the best practice.
  • Violation Instances: The total number of violation instances in the report for this violation type.
  • Impacted Standards: Which active accessibility standards are impacted by this violation type.
  • Media Types: What media type is impacted by a violation of this best practice
  • Occurrence Rate: What percentage of modules have violations of this best practice.

Lastly, you can export the customized table you create via the Excel button on the upper left of the table header.

Excel Export Button


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