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Analytics can be deployed to many assets owned by an organization by placing the access.js script on all pages of each of the assets. When data is sent to Access Analytics, it evaluates the URL from which the data is sent and splits data out by domain. End users can view this data in Access Analytics dashboards by selecting the appropriate domain for each asset using the Domains menu, thus loading the data for that domain on the dashboard. 

For many customers, access.js is deployed not only to production assets, but also to their corresponding development, QA and/or staging instances. This can make the Domains menu unmanageable and difficult to navigate. Additionally, some customers may have many domains that are managed by different groups within their parent organization. They may want to group these domains so each of these groups can more easily find their assets within Access Analytics. 

Domain grouping allows organizations to categorize and group their domains, and control their visibility within the Analytics dashboards, to improve the user experience for Analytics users. 

Managing Domains

NOTE: At the moment, only Level Access employees can manage domains for Analytics customers. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Level Access Product Support ( to configure your Analytics domains as described below. 

There are a few management options available for Analytics domains: 

  1. Customizing a Display Name: Each domain can be given a display name that makes it easier to find and understand within the Analytics Domains menu. For example, an organization may have multiple domains for international versions of the same asset --;; These might be easier to find in the Domains menu if the display is customized to display the following in the menu instead: "Company Website: U.S."; "Company Website: Australia"; "Company Website: U.K."
  2. Domain Grouping: As mentioned above, there are many reasons organizations may want to group their organizations to make the Domains menu easier to use. When domains are grouped, they are displayed in the Domains menu within their groups, beneath a header as seen in the following screenshot: 
    Screenshot of Domain grouping menu
  3. Domain Visibility: Domain groups can be hidden from the menu. For example, there may be several development, staging and/or QA instances of an organization's domains that they may not wish to monitor with Analytics. However, because the access.js script must be deployed to these versions of each asset before it can be deployed to production, Analytics may be receiving some data from these domains. To hide these domains, they can be grouped into a Domain Group that is hidden. 

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