Section 6 - Best Practices

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What is the Best Practice Library

The Best Practice library is a filterable and sortable table of every active Best practice in your organization. This library can be accessed and used as a reference guide when creating or developing content from the start. Each Best Practice provides code-level remediation guidance and examples of compliant and non-compliant code. It also shows what standards the best practice is mapped to and what violations correspond with a violation of the best practice. This ensures that all requirements are clearly defined at the initial development stages which is the most efficient, cost-effective, and ideal situation. The Best Practices are categorized by technology platform and content type.

This section of AMP is frequently used by designers who are working on building out new websites or content. By providing these individuals with access to the Best Practices Library, they can understand how accessibility should be incorporated into this phase of the software development lifecycle.

Best Practice Overview

Additional Best Practice Library Resources

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