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What is the Assets Component of AMP

The Asset section of AMP is your portal to all of the results and metrics of your accessibility testing. From metric based dashboards at the Organization, Asset and Report levels, to the comprehensive AMP reports themselves. In AMP Assets are a key component to keeping your work organized. Simply put, an asset is simply a group of reports and AMP Tests. Assets can be used to model diverse IT applications or keep track of multiple versions of a single system. For example, a website asset might contain a variety of different reports relating to the PDF content on the site, a Flash movie on the site and the general content templates on the site. Assets can also be used to group subsequent audits or spiders of a site over time. For example, an asset can keep track of the 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0 reports for a site.This orientation video will provide an introduction to Organization and Asset Dashboards, Assets, and Asset actions.

Assets - The Organizational Dashboard

Assets - Options and Controls

Assets - Asset Dashboards

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