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About Continuum for Karma/Jasmine

Continuum for Karma/Jasmine is an accessibility testing tool that allows developers to conduct automated accessibility testing using their existing Karma and Jasmine configuration.

Karma is a JavaScript test runner that can be used to spawn a web server which loads your application's source code and executes your tests. Karma is executed on the command line and will display the results of your tests on the command line once they have run in the browser. Jasmine is a behavior-driven development (BDD) framework to test JavaScript Code. Continuum for Karma/Jasmine provides developers with an easy and painless way to address accessibility concerns during the development process.

Continuum for Karma/Jasmine includes:

  • Access Engine, specifically the automatic tests included with this accessibility testing engine
  • A sample Continuum project that includes two tests on two elements using Karma and Jasmine 

Getting Started with Continuum for Karma/Jasmine


Installation and Configuration

  1. Download Continuum for Karma/Jasmine from the AMP Toolbox.
  2. Unzip the downloaded package. 
  3. In the console, cd/ to the directory containing Continuum for Karma/Jasmin and enter 'npm install' to install. 

Running Tests

To run tests, cd/ to the directory containing Continuum and enter `node_modules/karma/bin/karma start Shell/karma.conf.js`

In order to help you better understand how testing with Continuum for Karma/Jasmine works, we include a sample project which tests two elements in two different browsers with the downloaded Continuum package. The sample project, titled "unit-test_runAllTests_returnInstances_JSON_NodeCapture" is located in the "spec" folder within the Continuum download.


Email Level Access support at for any question, or get support from the community and the Level Access development team by posting questions on Stack Overflow with the following tags: #acccessibility, #webaccessibility and #wai-aria


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