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About Continuum for Protractor 

Access Continuum for Protractor allows organizations managing AngularJS applications to embed accessibility testing in their existing automated testing process using Protractor. Protractor ( is an end-to-end test framework for Angular applications.

Continuum for Protractor includes: 

  • Access Engine, Level Access' testing engine, specifically the fully automatic tests
  • A sample project for Protractor, providing users with an example of how to integrate accessibility testing into their current automated testing process 

Getting Started with Continuum Protractor  


Access Continuum for Protractor requires Node.js (

Installation and Configuration

  1. Download Continuum for Protractor from AMP Toolbox

  2. In the console, cd\ to the directory containing the Continuum for Protractor download and enter 'npm install' to install.Command line snapshot, containing the results of the installation query

  3. After installation, update the webdriver:
    `node node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update`Command line snapshot, containing the results of the update query

Testing with Access Continuum for Protractor 

  1. Once installed, you can test with Continuum for Protractor using:
    `node node_modules/protractor/bin/protractor ./protractor.conf.js`

Test results will display the list of accessibility errors, along with details to guide remediation efforts. See "Access Continuum Test Results" for more details. 


Other Details

The `spec/e2e/example_app_spec.js` file shows how to use Continuum. Generally speaking, it does the following:

  1. Converts Access Engine into an injectable format.
  2. Injects Access Engine into the page when tests are run.
  3. Collects results via a JavaScript Promise.


Email Level Access support at for any question, or get support from the community and the Level Access development team by posting questions on Stack Overflow with the following tags: #acccessibility, #webaccessibility and #wai-aria



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