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Access University Organization Admin Functions 

  1. View/Run Reports
    2. Bulk Upload Users to a Cohort

There are two buttons that are available to the org admins in the left-hand navigation. These buttons are not available to standard users/students: Reports and Upload Users. 

 screenshot of two buttons that are available to org admins: reports and upload users

  1. View/Run Reports 
  • In the left-side nav, click Reports>Select the name of an organization. An org admin will only see the organization to which they are the org admin. If the org admin is the admin to only one organization, then the dropdown will default to that organization. Once the Organization is selected, several reports will populate in the dropdown. 

We offer the following reports: 

  • Average Completion per Cohort (Team):  Reporting across an entire cohort/team. This takes the total enrollments, total complete and total in progress and calculates an average compete across the whole team.
  • Detailed Users Activity Dashboard: Reporting of usage data for specific users in the organization (e.g., How many courses has Mary completed/in progress/not started?) 
  • Organization Report: Reporting of all data points across the entire organization. This is the original, large "data dump" report where customers can filter and create pivot tables to extract the data that they need. 
  • Usage by All Users DashboardReporting of usage data for all users in their organization (e.g., How many courses have all of the organization’s users completed/in progress/not started?)  
  • Usage by Cohort Dashboard: Reporting of usage data by cohorts in the organization (e.g., How many courses has the Designer cohort completed/in progress/not started?)  
  • Usage by Course Dashboard: Reporting of usage data by course in the organization (e.g., Which course has the most completions? Or Which course have the most users not started yet?)  
  • User Last Login DashboardReporting of last login data for users across the organization (e.g., When was the last time Mary logged into Access University?) 

Please review the detailed Executive Dashboards User Guide on our support article. 

  1. Bulk Upload Users to a Cohort
  • Select the Upload Users button in the left-side navigation.  
  • You will be presented a screen that will require you to upload a CSV file with all of your user information. Please note that the CSV file must be formatted exactly as the screenshot below. We can provide all customers with a sample template to use. 
     screen shot of a filled out csv file with columns and rows and data
  • Browse to choose your file and click Upload Users by Organizational Admin 

screenshot of the screen where an org admin browses their computer to find the csv file 

  • You will be presented with a preview screen of the users you have uploaded. If everything looks okay, scroll down and click the blue Upload Users by Organizational Admin button. 
    screen shot of a preview screen after uploading a csv file of users
  • Your users will now be added into the system. 





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