Deploying Access Analytics


Access Analytics is deployed by customers placing a script, Access.js, on their web property. The script must be placed on every page of the site, barring any pages that should not be tested. Note that this script is also used by Access Alchemy if your organization has a valid license.

Deployment Instructions

Manual Implementation

  1. On each page, in the <HEAD>, copy and paste the script that is provided to you by Level Access Product Support. The script must be placed on every page of the site -- barring any pages that should not be tested -- and should be placed as close to the top of the <HEAD> as possible. 
  2. When the script has been placed on each site, notify Level Access Support so we can verify that we are accepting data as expected. 

Tag Manager Implementation

Level Access’ Access Analytics script is frequently deployed through a tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager. Level Access does not yet have specific tag manager-supported tag, so the script above must be deployed via a Custom HTML Tag. Please find example documentation for Google Tag Manager here: (  

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