Introduction to Access Analytics

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Instead of crawling through your site and testing all encountered pages, Access Analytics allows organizations to monitor the accessibility of their site by testing pages when users access them. This is accomplished by placing a script on each page of the site. When a page containing the script is loaded by a user, the script runs Access Engine to test the page. So, Access Analytics monitors for the most noticeable violations by flagging issues that were encountered in real time by actual visitors.

Deploying Access Analytics

What is the script and how is it deployed?

A unique script is provided to each client and must be deployed on every page that needs to be tested. The script should be copied and pasted as close to the <HEAD> tag as possible, once that is done we can verify that we are receiving data as expected. Once the script is deployed, whenever a user loads that page, the script is executed and the page is tested without any effect on page load time, appearance, or functionality.

How long does Access Analytics need to collect data?

Once the script is placed and Level Access has activated the Access Analytics instance, data is collected immediately. The time it takes to gain meaningful insights can vary based on the size and average traffic of the system but generally two weeks should be sufficient to get a clear picture of risk and different patterns.

Reporting & Dashboards

Access Analytics has five dashboards that progressively expand upon a domain's compliance: 

  1. Portfolio
  2. Summary
  3. Trends
  4. Recommendations
  5. Findings

Video Tutorial

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