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While there have been many updates to the user interface, the basic navigational flow and dashboard arrangement remains largely the same. Projects are now called ‘Assets.’ Reports exist under each Asset, and Assets all roll-up to an organization.

Reports are still associated with testing and offer a snapshot of compliance at a specific point in time. Tests, Reports, and VPAT’s can all be generated at the Asset level.

The Navigation Menu

On the left side is the navigational menu for the active organization, giving you access to the organization's assets, Guidance library, toolbox, and, if you are have the appropriate role, the organization administration area. If the organization has a license, Access Advisor, Access University and/or Access Analytics can also be accessed via this menu.


Organization Dashboards

When first logging in to AMP, you will land on the dashboard for your primary organization in AMP. You can navigate to other organizations by selecting the "Change Organization" button next to the organization name. At the top of the Organization Dashboard is the "Announcements" widget as well as a list of all organizational assets to which you have access. Below that you will see familiar widgets, including the Overall Organizational Compliance and Violations by Severity.

 Organization Dashboard

Asset Dashboards

Selecting an asset on the organization dashboard will bring you to the dashboard for that asset. The asset dashboard includes a list of all reports belonging to that asset in the "Asset Reports" widget. The "Asset Navigation" widget provides links to the Tests and VPATs area for the asset, for users who have the appropriate permissions for the asset. This is where new tests and VPATs can be created.

Asset Dashboard

Below the fixed navigation widgets at the top are widgets that provide an overview of the compliance of the asset, include the overall compliance, compliance over time, and violations by severity. 

The Report Dashboard

Selecting a report on the Asset dashboard open the report, which represents a snapshot in time of the asset. The Report Dashboard displays the status of testing efforts, including the level of automated, manual and functional testing completed. Links to a number of report views are also available on this dashboard in the "Report Information" widget. These report views were previously available in the sub-navigational buttons at the top of report dashboards in the old AMP UI. The "Report Deliverables" widget lists all downloadable reports that were also previously available from the same sub-nav.

Report Dashboard

Beneath the navigational widgets are widgets that provide quick insights at a glance into compliance at the report level, from Total Compliance to Compliance by Health by Ruleset and Violations by Severity. The Top Issues widget displays the top issues within the report with the corresponding occurrence rate, severity (S), noticeability (N), and tractability (T) for each.

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