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Access Continuum allows for automated testing of both web and mobile applications within the software development lifecycle (SDLC). At the core of Access Continuum is Level Access' testing engine, Access Engine. Access Engine includes automatic and guided automatic tests for web and mobile applications. Mobile tests within Access Engine cover both iOS and Android applications as well as hybrid apps.

Mobile testing with Access Continuum is achieved with integrations with automated testing tools. At the moment, an Appium integration is available out of the box. Appium is the leading automation tool for testing native mobile and mobile-web applications, and this integration provides Access Continuum customers with a single approach for automating Android, iOS, hybrid and mobile-web application accessibility testing. The Continuum Appium extension allows developers familiar with Appium to leverage Level Access accessibility expertise by incorporating Best Practices, test cases and 26 test components from Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) to address accessibility concern. 

The Continuum Scripting Framework also offers a more lightweight method for testing mobile applications, without the Appium requirement.

Key features

  • Enhance existing testing code: Integrate accessibility testing into your current test suite. By integrating with your current automated test framework, Continuum allows developers to leverage what they already know and ensure they have complete control over the quality of own applications
  • Environment support: Access Continuum includes support for both iOS and android with hybrid mobile application support coming soon.
  • Sample app context level support: iOS and Android sample applications including 120+ commonly used test components ready to use for demo and testing of your test suite.

Supported Versions

Both Android and iOS projects support the same versions of the following systems as Appium:

  • Xcode with command line tools
  • iOS
  • Android 4.1 (API level 16 or newer)

Using Access Continuum for Mobile Testing

Access Continuum provides both an Android and an iOS sample project for Appium for organizations wishing to test their mobile applications for accessibility during the development process. Details on downloading, installing and configuring these projects can be found in the articles listed below:

Both of the sample projects include sample applications that can be used to try out Access Continuum and see what the test results look like for all violations that can potentially be found with Access Continuum's mobile testing features. Read more about the components that are included in each sample app in the "Test Components in the Mobile Sample Apps" article.

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