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Access University User Guide

The course we are using for the purpose of this documentation is Accessibility Concepts – Version 2.0.


You may access University one of two ways: (1) After logging into AMP, select the ‘University’ tab, and you will Single Sign On into Access University. No additional login credentials are necessary. (2) You may also access University via a direct URL in any browser:

For users who access Access University via a direct URL the following instructions apply:

Upon user creation, users will receive an email from Level Access with the subject “Access University: New user account” and the sender is Admin User (via accessuniversity) ( Your username and temporary password will be in the body of the email. After you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password.

An example of the email follows:

 screenshot of an email that a user receives when their user is created in access university 

Instructions to change your password:

After the user has logged in using the temporary password, the user will land on the Change Password page. Enter your current password (that you received in the email) and choose a new password (fill out both ‘New Password’ field and ‘New Password (again)’ field). Select Save Changes. If you would like to change your password again, click your Name in the top navigation bar.

screenshot of the change password page in access university 

For non-AMP users: After selecting the “Submit” button, you will be taken to your “Dashboard” page, and you will see the courses that you are enrolled in. Select the title of the course to access the course content.

 screenshot of the dashboard of access university

You should now be at the “Accessibility Concepts” course home page

screenshot of the homepage of the accessibility audit methodology course

For each course, the navigation of sections is in a tabbed format. There is also a navigation bar in the left rail with all relevant sections.

Course content consists of videos (where applicable), accessible transcript files for videos, course content, a final exam and resources.

To watch a video, select the play button with the arrow. Below each video is an accessible transcript file in PDF format.

 screenshot of the motor disabilities overview video

After you have made your way through the content sections of the course, select the ‘Final Exam’ tab or select the link in the left-hand navigation. Here you will watch a Conclusion video (where applicable) and take the final exam: At the bottom of the page, select the link that says “Final Exam”

 screenshot of a button that says Final Exam

Once you begin the exam, follow the instructions for each question. After you have selected the best answer(s), scroll down to the next question. After completing all questions in the Exam, select ‘Finish Attempt’ button, then select ‘Submit all and finish’ button.
screenshot of the Finish Attempt button  screenshot of the Submit All and Finish button

You will be brought to a Final Exam 'Summary of Attempt' screen. From here, you can scroll to the bottom and either return to the exam to revisit your answers by selecting ‘Return to Attempt’ or, if you are finished, select 'Submit All and Finish'. Select Submit All and Finish on the confirmation screen (or cancel if you’d like to return).

If you answer the question correctly, you will see a review of the question with a green check mark, indicating that the answer is correct:
screenshot of a sample final exam question including the words True and False with a radio button next to each

If you answer a question incorrectly (or partially correct), you will see a review of the question with a red x, indicating that the answer is incorrect, as well as an explanation and the correct answer:

 screenshot of a final exam question in review mode where there is a red x indicating that the answer is incorrect and an explanation with the correct answer

After you submit the exam and review the answers, select ‘Finish Review’.
finish review button
This will submit your score and record your grade. You will see a summary of the amount of attempts and there is a button at the bottom to re-attempt the quiz.

screenshot of a summary of the amount of final exam attempts and a button at the bottom that says re-attempt the quiz

In order to review your course completion certificate, navigate back to the Final Exam tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and the ‘Course Completion Certificate’ link will appear.
course completion certificate button

Select the link, and you will be taken to a page where you can download the certificate by selecting the Download certificate button. You also have the ability to share your certificate with a colleague, manager or to anyone with an email address. Simply enter an email address and select Submit.
screenshot of the certificate page with a button to download the certificate and a text area box to enter an email address to share your certificate with a colleague, manager or to anyone with an email address. Also a submit button.

Example certificate:

 screenshot of an example course completion certificate

To log in to Access University after being logged out, visit

Enter your username (email address) and password and select the “Submit” button

screenshot of the access university login page
If you have any questions about Access University, or if you have comments or suggestions, please contact Product Support at Thank you!

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