Bulk Users Upload

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System Administrators can upload users in bulk to an organization using the 'Bulk Users Upload' feature within the 'Administration' area of your organization.  

AMP Administration page with Bulk User Upload link highlighted

The Bulk Users Upload feature allows you to upload a CSV file containing all of the users and the required information for their account. The CSV file should contain the following header row: 


All fields are required except the "job" and "helpdesk" fields. In the "amp" and "helpdesk" fields, enter the end date for the user's AMP and Advisor license, respectively, in the following format: yyyy-mm-dd.

On the Bulk Users Upload screen, use the file selector field to select and upload the CSV file. On submit, if the CSV file is in the correct format, the new users will be uploaded to the active organization and will be displayed on the Organization Admin home screen.

AMP user page, with a table of users from the sample CSV.

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