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AMP Reports provide high-level, as well as granular data. AMP Reports contain six separate sections that are navigable utilizing the secondary navigation bar:

  • Overview - Provide a report level compliance summary and general information about the report.
  • Document Inventory - The document inventory section of a report depicts all non-web file types that were detected during the automated spidering/scanning of a website or application.
  • Compliance – This is the area of the report which will provide detailed compliance scores for all of the accessibility standards used during the testing process. This report view is popular with product owners and compliance officers.
  • Patterns – This report view contains any accessibility violations which apply globally or are repeated across multiple locations within a system. This showcases potentially higher impact issues which can be fixed in one location to make significant improvements across a system. This is a popular section for developers.
  • Modules – This report view provides insight into what was tested within the report.
  • Violations (BETA) – This report section provides various views of the violations that were identified during the testing process. This section is also popular with developers.
  • Use Cases – This report view will provide functional test results. This is a type of accessibility testing performed by users who access content using an assistive technology device such as a screen reader.

AMP Report Overview - The main report overview allows report viewers to quickly identify key information pertaining to the accessibility testing results they are about to work with. It contains widgets which display this information, including:

  • Report Data – The name of the report, created date, report creator and other details regarding the scope of what was tested
  • Total Compliance – The overall score assigned to the report based on the conformance to the accessibility standards such as Section 508 or WCAG 2.0 that were tested against
  • Top Issues – The top 10 violations with the most instances across the tested application. Typically it is suggested that these issues are remediated first.
  • Level of Testing Completed – This informs the report viewer on the scope of the testing effort performed


Popular Sections The following sections are a popular area of navigation for AMP users who are analyzing a report’s data:

  • Violations Instances - A very popular report view is the Violations Instances report view which allows users to filter and sort all of the accessibility issues identified across the report. This section of the report is most useful for developers and testers because it contains links to the best practices for each violation, providing code-level guidance for remediation.
  • Report Modules - Modules are commonly web pages but can be any unit of content that was tested. This view provides useful summary information such as how many violations are occurring on each page that was tested.

For a more in-depth look at the layout of AMP Reports, please visit our AMP Support site’s ‘AMP Reports’ section at and feel free to reach out to AMP Support at



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