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AMP Reports Quick Start Guide

AMP Reports allow organizations to document current accessibility status and compliance rates and create a prioritized project plan for addressing issues.  A report is a snapshot of compliance at a given point in time. This Quick Start Guide includes basic information about navigating through an AMP Report and utilizing its functionality.  It contains the popular report views and sharing/exporting features and how to utilize them.

Utilizing the ‘Report Modules’ View

The ‘Report Modules’ section provides summary data about each page that was tested. You can find the ‘Report Modules’ section by opening the ‘Modules’ navigation header. The "Modules" section contains information about each page that was tested, such as the module name, its location, and the number of violations for the module.  Modules often correspond to web pages.

Utilizing the ‘Violation Instances’ View

Many AMP Report views allow users to filter and sort the date to view what matters most to them. By leveraging the filters section of the report users can narrow down the data currently being displayed in the table.

Users can filter based on entering keywords, selecting specific items and using various filters. Once the parameters are configured choosing the Filter button will update the data within the table instantly.

 Report Filters

If users prefer an alternative report format or which to manipulate report data in other applications report views can be exported to Excel.

Activate the Excel button on the report table in order to download the report view data to Excel.


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