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The AMP Bug Tracker Plug-in is an add-on module for the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) that allows organizations to easily manage remediation of violations in their existing system for management development work. With this module, organizations can create a connection between AMP organizations and a bug tracking system -- either Jira or IBM Rational Team Concert (IBM RTC). Managers can review violation reports in AMP and easily create defects, or other artifacts, in the bug tracking system for their development team to address. Reports in AMP will reflect which violations are being addressed.

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Feature Overview

To use the AMP Bug Tracker integration there are a couple steps: 

  1. Configure the Organization Connection: The organization administrator must first configure the connection between AMP and the external bug tracker
  2. Enter User Credentials: Each user must enter their credentials for the linked bug tracking system in their AMP profile to connect to their bug tracker account

Once the bug tracking system integration is configured, users who have entered their bug tracker credentials in AMP and who have the appropriate permissions in the bug tracker will be able to do the following within AMP:

  1. View associated bug tracker tickets for violation instances in AMP
  2. Create bug tracker tickets from violation instances in AMP


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