Custom Severity

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Custom Severity

Many organizations have their own severity scale used for all development related bugs or issues. Now organizations can update the severity scale to be numeric (e.g. 1,2,3,4) or alphanumeric (e.g. 1- Critical, 2 - High, 3 - Medium, 4- Low). This allows organizations to customize the severity scale of AMP to match the severity scale used by their development teams. This makes understanding AMP Reports and accessibility issue tracking even more streamlined for the development team. Configuring the settings is fast, simple and easily updated by any Organization Administrator.

These custom severity ratings are displayed at the report level and at the best practice level. At the report level, severity scores are shown in the 'Violations Instances' Report View and the 'Module Details' report view, as well as in the Top Issues Widget. 

The 'Violations Instances' table has a 'Severity' column, displaying the severity rating for each violation, each of those severity ratings based on the Organization's customization of the ratings scale. The screenshot below illustrates this:

Custom Severities in an AMP report

Other reports and widgets will also display the custom severities anywhere the Severity (or "S") value is shown for issues.

On each Best Practice Details page, users can find the custom severity rating based on the current organization's settings in the right-hand region of the page.  A screenshot, shown below, also illustrates this:

Best Practice Custom Severity

Configuring Custom Severities

Any user with an ‘Organization Administrator’ user type is able to customize the severity scale for their organization via the ‘Administration’ tab.   To customize severity, users can:

  1. Navigate to the Organization's "Administration" area and select the Customize Severity link.
  2. On the Custom Severity page, admins can map the values or labels that they would like in the ‘Custom severity values or labels’ form field. Users can add a comma-delimited list of labels that will be available to map once ‘Make it happen’ is selected. 
  3. Then, users can map labels and the colors that we provide (red, yellow, and green) to given severities via the modal that results from selecting ‘Make it happen’ (as shown below).

This will map the custom severities to the organization. All reports will now show severities in the way that have been defined.


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