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Alchemy Transforms Accessibility Testing and Repair

Alchemy supports enhanced JavaScript-based analysis, testing, repair and automatic-fix propagating for web sites. Developers and testers using the Alchemy interface can more rapidly identify accessibility violations within a site and initiate the recommended corrective actions, saving time and cost to repair.

Key Benefits

  • Decreases time and cost of testing and development
  • Automatically cascades repairs
  • Rapidly identifies violations and provides resolutions
  • Integrates testing in the development process
  • Reduces operational risks caused by inaccessibility
  • Shrinks time to achieve high accessibility compliance
  • Supports accessibility-development training

Alchemy Logo Learn more about Alchemy

Alchemy is a feature of AMP that is available to customers whose License Agreement includes it.  For more information on purchasing Alchemy or whether or not Alchemy is currently available to you, please feel free to reach out to .

AMP and SSB University Integration

AMP now seamlessly integrates with SSB University to deliver an exciting new way to obtain all of the pre-recorded trainings included with an AMP license. In addition, users will also be able to access courses that were purchased in SSB University in the same streamlined experience.

To access SSB University from AMP simply log into AMP and choose the University tab within the main navigation.  This will automatically log the user into SSB University using the same account as AMP. 

Note, users that utilize single sign-on (SSO)  should also access SSB University using the University tab within their AMP instance.

AMP Navigation Tabs with University tab highlighted

AMP and Help Desk Integration

AMP now also seamlessly integrates with Help Desk for those AMP users who have Help Desk licenses. This will tie SSB BART Group's accessibility experts directly into the AMP experience. By simply activating the Help Desk tab within the main AMP navigation links users will be automatically logged into Help Desk with their AMP account.

All AMP users will have access to the AMP Product Support site via the new support link within the AMP header. Users can simply select the support link to be logged into the AMP Product Support site to obtain access to help documents, the user community and the AMP Support team. Users can also continue to email AMP support requests to

AMP header with Help Desk and support link highlighted

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Key Highlights:

  • AMP for Mobile updates to support Xcode 7 and Android Studio
  • New streamlined report and project permissions
  • Browser emulation
  • Automatic screen capture for AMP Tests
  • Learn about them all by reviewing the AMP Release Notes 

Important Notice

Ending Support for AMP Desktop

In recent times SSB has released many options aside from AMP Desktop to allow testing of your websites and applications. Based on the improved functionality in the other SSB testing tools and statistics indicating decreased usage, we will no longer offer AMP Desktop with the AMP 2016.2.0 release, currently scheduled for the March 2016 time frame. If you are using the AMP Desktop tool, please note that it should continue to function until the AMP 2016.2.0 Release. If you have any questions or would like guidance on accomplishing AMP Desktop functionality with other AMP testing tools, please contact AMP Support at

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