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Welcome to the AMP Getting Started Guide. This guide will walk you through the basics of using AMP and how to accomplish key tasks, including understanding key AMP concepts, testing content, understanding AMP reports and taking training courses. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the AMP Technical Support at support@levelaccess.com for assistance.

Welcome to AMP: The Accessibility Management Platform from Level Access on Vimeo.

What is AMP?

The Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) is a web-based platform that provides a scalable, turnkey solution for meeting your Section 508, Americans with Disabilities (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance needs. AMP provides the infrastructure to facilitate all aspects of a successful accessibility compliance program. AMP’s powerful testing engine and work flow, accessible development best practices, and extensive training course library allow organizations to quickly and efficiently incorporate accessibility compliance into existing development processes. This ensures that organizations have the infrastructure to rapidly conform to accessibility standards in a cost effective fashion. Once a baseline level of conformance has been implemented, AMP provides the support to track and maintain compliance over time. It accomplishes all this while providing an on-demand, cloud-based ownership model, drastically reducing total cost of ownership and overhead for accessibility efforts.

High Level Functionality

  • Audits – The primary set of functionality within AMP is designed to manage all accessibility testing and reporting work in one location. Users can manage the systems they are testing in AMP, create their reports for those systems within AMP, and perform automatic, manual and use case tests within AMP. From there, comprehensive reports are generated, giving organizations the information they need to intelligently plan remediation efforts. Stakeholders, developers and system owners can all access and review the results directly within AMP as well.
  • Standards Management -
    • Up-to-date U.S. and Worldwide accessibility standards
    • Development and updating of the Best Practice Library
    • Define Optimal Compliance for organization through a centrally administered Organization Testing Control settings
  • Training – Every user of AMP is also given access to a series of online training courses available from within Access University.  You can find some of these courses here.

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