AMP Summer 2015 What's New

Alchemy - Beta

Typically accessibility compliance, whether testing is automated or performed manually, requires a developer to review a report of accessibility violations and manually make corrections to the source code of the website or application. Alchemy is a Javascript program that allows developers to streamline this process by adding fixing functionality to the testing process. With Alchemy, a developer can not only do automated testing of some of the most critical accessibility issues, but developers can use Alchemy to correct some of those issues within the browser itself. Additionally, once an error is reviewed and corrected in one place on a page, the same error will be corrected everywhere else on the site with no additional action.

Stay tuned for a product announcement and webinar in September 2015...

AMP Report Enhancements

AMP Summer 2015 comes with several AMP Report enhancements to improve the overall creating and viewing experience. Some of the highlighted improvements include:

  • Excel reports now automatically export all of the items in the chosen report view
  • Enhanced formatting of the Excel export
  • A warning is now provided to users attempting to export a report view with no content

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

As with every AMP release the SSB BART Group AMP team works diligently to correct known bugs and provide continuous improvements to existing features and functionality. This ensures that we are always providing end users with the most optimal experience with AMP.

  • Fixed and issue where sort order was not set properly when editing an instance on the Violations Instances report view
  • Fixed an issue where severity was not properly set on the Violations Instances report view when editing instance severity
  • Fixed an issue where users with only Viewer access to a report would not see pattern violations
  • Fixed an issue where available widgets were not listed or named properly across all users dashboards
  • Updated the version of Firefox used to spider sites to the most up to date version
  • Added support for self-hosted AMP instances to use their AMP accounts to automatically sign into Help Desk
  • Continued to update the iOS and Android Best Practices to remain inline with automated testing coverage from AMP for Mobile
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