Fixing Accessibility Defects with Access Alchemy


Alchemy allows users to easily fix common accessibility issues through an "Alchemy Fixes" user interface within the Access Assistant toolbar. This area presents the user with a list of all Alchemy-fixable elements identified via testing within the project.

Fingerprinting and Resolution Replay

All elements that can be fixed with Alchemy are "fingerprinted," which essentially means their unique characteristics are identified and saved so the element can be recognized when encountered on multiple pages within a site or application. For each fingerprint, all available fixes are presented to the user for evaluation and definition. For example, a menu button may be present on multiple pages within a site, and this button may have multiple accessibility issues that have an available Alchemy fix. When evaluating this element in the Alchemy Fixes area, the user will be able to define the Alchemy fixes for all of the issues in one place. This element will not need to be evaluated on every page it appears on within the site. Rather Access Alchemy will recognize the fingerprinted element and apply any fixes that were defined for it. This feature that allows a defined fix to be re-used across any page on which it appears is called Resolution Replay.


Deploying Access Alchemy  Fixes

Access Alchemy fixes are deployed to a site by including a snippet of JavaScript on every page within the site. When a user visits any page that has this JavaScript on it, the script checks the customer's Access Alchemy environment for any fingerprints that match any elements on the page. If there are any matches, the fixes defined for each of those fingerprints will be overlaid on the page. None of the accessibility fixes will result in any change in the appearance, performance nor functionality of the page. 

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