AMP Summer 2014 What's New

Native PDF Automated Testing

SSB BART Group is pleased to announced the addition of automated testing of native Portable Document Format (PDF) content for the AMP Summer 2014 release. By enhancing AMP's powerful testing engine AMP is now able to achieve automated testing of native PDF content. This is in contrast to a majority of solutions on the market which convert PDF into HTML for automated testing. This new feature provides AMP users with a complete library of PDF Best Practices including automated evaluation and manual testing guidance which allows organization to ensure that their PDF content is in compliance with industry standards such as Section 508 and WCAG 2.0.

Enhanced Document Inventory Report

AMP Summer 2014 brings many new and exciting enhancements to the document inventory report. The document inventory report depicts all non-web file types that were detected during the automated spidering/scanning of a website or application.

AMP users now have the ability to initiate the automated testing of one or many PDFs found within the report. Additionally, users can now filter the document inventory report to show all or specific file types for review. To further enhance the utility of the Document Inventory report we have added summative information. For example, how many PDF files were detected, how many were tested and how many that were tested were tagged.

Multiple Technology Platform Reports

New for AMP Summer 2014 is the ability to consolidate multiple technology platforms into one AMP report. This streamlines access to the testing results of your web content as well as PDF content into one concise AMP report. These consolidated reports will be treated as single report within AMP projects. This new feature will provide the ability to have one report for the testing results and compliance scores of a single web property such as a website. Furthermore, users have the ability to navigate between the two technology platforms within the AMP report by selecting the desired technology icon within the navigation structure of the report. When the technology is toggled the user is brought the most relative location within the report for the newly chosen technology.


General User Enhancements

Enhanced Menu Structures

Main Dashboard

For AMP Summer 2014 we have enhanced the ease of use and accessibility of our main dashboard menus. These menus have been enhanced for both mouse and keyboard users alike. Users can now jump to the "All" list of each item by simply activating the root menu link.

The main dashboard level menu structure now contains a menu item for AMP Tests. This allows users to easily navigate to the most recently created or viewed AMP Tests. Additionally the new All Tests table contains all AMP Tests that the user has access to throughout their organization. This table also contains valuable information such as a link to the test, the project it belongs to, the organization that it belongs to, number of times it has been run, whether it is a scheduled test and when it was last run.

AMP Report Navigation

The user navigation throughout all AMP reports has been enhanced for AMP Summer 2014. To improve the report navigation the View action icon has been removed. This level of AMP report navigation has been added into a mouse and keyboard friendly menu structure. This now allows users to navigate to any report location or view from anywhere within the AMP Report.

AMP Toolbar for Internet Explorer Upgrade

Included with the AMP Summer 2014 release is an updated AMP Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Users can now take advantage of the AMP Toolbar for IE's functionality on Windows XP, 7 and 8 with support on Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11.

AMP Report Email Notifications Enhanced

In order to enhance the effectiveness of AMP report notifications AMP Summer 2014 comes with full HTML email notifications. Now users will be able to view information about the report itself within the email message. This provides for quick at-a-glance report summary information without the need to log into AMP. The report notifications will now include:

  • Report Notification Message- Who initiated the invitation, any customize message, needed AMP credentials and a link to the native report within AMP
  • Report Basics - Report Name, Report Owner, Created Date, Technology Platform(s), and Number of Modules.
  • Report Overall Compliance - The overall compliance score for the report.
  • Top Active Issues - The top 10 violations identified within the report in order of recommended remediation priority.
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