AMP Asset and Report Permissions

Implied Permissions

System Administrators have implied permissions to all assets and reports within AMP. This does not mean that they appear in every asset/report permissions screen, only that they can navigate to and view/edit any asset/report.

For Organization Administrators the same is true, except that they are restricted to assets and reports in the Organization they administer. Implied permissions also include those that are inherited. Therefore, any permissions explicitly granted to users at the asset level are inherited by the reports in that asset. For example, giving editor permission to a user in the asset screen will give them those permissions in all reports in said asset.

Standard Users can be granted view/edit access to assets and reports. As mentioned above, any permissions explicitly granted to users at the asset level are inherited by the reports in that asset. When a Standard User creates a new asset or report, they are automatically assigned viewer/editor access to that asset or report.

  • Note, even if a Standard User only has viewer access to a report, they have the ability to copy that report. This can be performed under the Report Action section of the report. The resulting copy will then be owned by the user who performed the clone. This will grant them viewer/editor access to that report.

Viewer Users will be provided view-only access to reports that they have been explicitly been invited to view.

Asset Permissions

Asset permissions are set by selecting the Asset Permissions Action Icon from the Action Icons located in the upper right corner of AMP. Adding a user as a Viewer will allow them to view all existing and future reports within the asset. Adding a user as an Editor will allow them to see and Edit all existing and future reports within the asset.

Project Permissions

Who has access

In this area of the Edit Asset Permissions dialog the list of users who already have access to the asset will be listed. Users with editor access can perform the following actions:

  • Remove user(s) - This is done by selecting the blue X icon next to the user's name. This will remove their access to the asset completely.
  • Change Access Level - By using the dropdown next to a user's name the level of access for a user can be changed.

Add Someone

Users can easily be added simply by typing in a name or email address of a member of the asset's Organization. The Add Someone text area will display a list of search results based on the characters typed to provide suggestions. Additionally, users can paste in a comma separated list of Emails to instantly provide access to multiple people on your team.

If the Email address added has never been registered within the AMP instance, the user will receive an AMP username and password in the AMP Asset Notification e-mail that is sent inviting the user to view the AMP Asset.

If the Email address has previously been registered on the AMP instance (i.e., if the user has previously been invited to view an AMP Asset or Report), the user will receive an AMP Asset Notification e-mail inviting them to view the Asset, but it will not contain an AMP username and password since the same, previously provided, account credentials will be used to log into AMP. If the user has forgotten their password, they can use the "Forgot Password" link on the AMP login page.

Send Email Notification

Users can now decide if they would like the AMP Asset Notification Email to be sent when adding new users to the asset. It is important to note, as the tooltip will indicate, that non-existing AMP users who are added to the asset will still receive an Email with their AMP account information even if Send Email Notification is un-checked.

Show Advanced

This section of the Edit Asset Permissions dialog will provide users with the ability to add a custom subject or message to email notifications:

  • Custom Subject - Allows the user to specify the exact subject of the AMP Asset Notification Email.
  • Custom Message - Allows the user to specify an additional message to be included in the AMP Asset Notification Email.

Advanced Permissions Options

Report Permissions

Read more about Report Permissions in the dedicated article.

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