I can't find a violation in the source page, what gives?

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In some cases users are unable to find violations that are in a report. It is most often the case that these violations are present, but may be difficult to find. Begin by viewing the HTML source of the page and looking at the line number specified for a violating element. If the element does not appear on the specific line listed in the report, it may appear near that line number (line numbers may vary depending on the software you are using to view and edit the HTML). In addition, because the diagnosis was performed when the report was generated, any web page that has changed since that time may not have up to date information. If you find a page that does not have the violation that is listed in the report, it is likely that this page has changed since the original report generation and (congratulations!) that the violation has been eliminated. Last, it may be that the violation was uncovered by assessing the DOM of the page. In cases where the page uses client-side scripting, the DOM is not the same as the version of the page you'd see if you used your browser to 'view source'.

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