What is an AMP Crawler?

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An AMP Crawler is a saved accessibility scan configuration. Users create AMP Crawlers in order to set up repeatable scans. This allows users to enter the desired Test settings once, allowing them to conduct the same audit multiple times. Each time an AMP Crawler is run, a new Report is generated. This is especially useful when conducting regression testing, or re-testing the same content. Additionally, this allows users to perform meaningful side-by-side report comparisons, and provides for accurate trend analysis.

The creation of an AMP Crawler is designed to be rapid and easy to understand. Rather than being required to supply all of the desired Test settings on one large confusing form, users are guided through the creation process. A series of simple questions are asked, resulting in a complete AMP Crawler configuration.

Tests are then associated with an Asset to ensure that testing efforts remain organized and easily navigable by all AMP users. All reports generated from a Test are stored within the same Asset. All Assets which a user has access to are located within the Assets area of the parent organization.

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