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Report Dashboard with Violation options Highlighted

The Violations section of an AMP Report provides a list of all of the best practices that have been violated across the entire report. There are 

  • Violations (BETA): In this report view, violation instances can be grouped by Module impacted, Violation Type, and Pattern (when applicable).
  • Report Violations: This report view lists all Best Practices with violations in the report, along with their occurrent rate within the report.
  • Violations by Priority: Provides a table that displays the Best Practices with violations in the report, along with the SNT ratings, Priority, Media Type, and occurrence rate for each.
  • Violations by Standard: Provides a table that documents the accessibility violation, the technology platform, and which accessibility standards are compromised by the violation
  • Violations Detail: This report view displays the full best practice content for every violation all on one page
  • Violations Instances: This report view displays a table that lists in detail every single violation instance in the report, and allows filtered and customized views of this data to be downloaded to an Excel file.

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