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The Report Modules view of an AMP Report displays all modules in the report. All modules are displayed in a grid with the following columns of data, by default:

  • Actions: Contains links for editing or deleting a module
  • Selection Column: This column includes a checkbox for each row, allowing users to select one or more modules at a time.
  • Name: The name of the individual module, which is also a link to the “View Module” page which provides additional details about the module.
  • Location: Displays the actual location of the module, for a webpage the location would be the URL for the specific webpage.
  • Thumbnail: This contains any thumbnails that were captured or uploaded for the module.
  • Violation Count - Displays the Number of violations found in the module
  • Viewport Size: The viewport size that was used to test the site.
  • Tester: Displays the name of the user assigned to perform module testing, defaults to the report owner. Only Organizational Administrators have the ability to assign modules to users for testing. 
  • Manual Testing: Provides a link to the "Manual Testing Tree".

The following columns of data can also be added by selecting the Select Columns button in the upper right corner of the table (Add Column Button):

  • Path: The manual steps that are required to access the module, if the module is a node of a page
  • Browser: The browser used for testing 

Module Actions

  • Add Module: Launches the "Add Module" modal, which allows you to add new modules to the report
  • Edit Module: Launches the "Edit Module" modal allows users to edit the properties for one or more selected modules
  • Delete Module: Deletes one or more selected modules.

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