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Patterns allow users to group violations on components, such as navigation bars or search widgets, that appear on multiple pages or all pages within the asset. Identifying patterns is useful, because remediating the violations on patterns will typically result in the greatest increase in compliance with the least amount of effort.

The "Report Patterns" view displays all patterns and globals (issues that appear on all pages of the asset). Patterns and Globals are broken out into two separate tables, however the tables have almost identical structures:

  • Selection Column: This column lets you select one or more modules at a time.
  • Name: The name given to the pattern or global, which is also a link to either the “View Global” or "View Pattern" pages. Both of these pages share the structure as well and provide additional details about patterns such as which modules they appear on.
  • Best Practice Count: Lists the number of best practices that are applicable to the violations in the pattern/global
  • Module Count (Patterns only): gives the number of modules the violation occurs in
  • Actions: Contains links for editing or deleting a pattern/global

Image displaying the different columns and options in the pattern and global data tables.


  • Add Global: Launches the "Add Global" Modal which allows you to add global violation issues. You are able to add multiple violations to one global pattern.
  • Add Pattern: Launches the "Add Patterns" Modal which allows you to add patterns of violation issues. You are able to add multiple violations to one pattern. As well as select which modules the pattern applies to.

Pattern Views

AMP Report Dashboard 'Advanced' View Patterns List Options

Multiple report views and downloads are available for evaluating patterns: 

  • Report Patterns: This opens the globals and patterns view of the report, which displays all globals and patterns and allows for adding ad editing of those globals and patterns.
  • Globals and Patterns Detail: Launches the "Globals and Patterns Detail" modal which lists each global and pattern violation, the description of the violation, and the number of modules in which the violation occurs.
  • Violation Patterns (Found in 'Appendices' Report Dashboard Section): This link will allow you to download an excel or pdf export of violation patterns and globals.  

Image displaying location of pattern and global appendice download links

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