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The document inventory report depicts all non-web file types that were detected during the automated spidering/scanning of a website or application.


NOTE: The Document Inventory only appears in a report if documents are harvested during automated testing, such as files with extension .pdf, .docx, .doc, .png, .jpg, etc.  If those are captured, you will see it as a link on the Report Dashboard in the 'Overview' Section, as shown below: 


AMP Dashboard Advanced View with Document Inventory link highlighted


The document inventory section of an AMP Report contains sortable summative information about the documents found on the site. This information includes:

  • Document - The file location of the document
  • PDF Module (PDF Only) -
  • Linking Page - The name of the module (page) that linked to the given document
  • # Linked Pages - The number of pages that link to the given document
  • Technology Platform - The Technology Platform of the given document
  • Tested(PDF Only) - Indicates you whether or not the page had undergone automated testing
  • Tagged(PDF Only) - Indicates whether or not the PDF is tagged.
  • Violations(PDF Only) - Number of accessibility violations found in the document
  • Actions (PDF Only) - Select the action icon to test the associated PDF fileDocument Inventory window view

If there is more than one document type in the inventory, a filter will be available to allow users to filter the list of documents by document technology platform (e.g., PDF or Microsoft Word). 



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