Document Inventory

The document inventory report depicts all non-web file types that were detected during the automated spidering/scanning of a website or application.


NOTE: The Document Inventory only appears in a report if documents are harvested during automated testing, such as files with extension .pdf, .docx, .doc, .png, .jpg, etc.  If those are captured, you will see it as a link on the Report Dashboard in the 'Overview' Section, as shown below: 



The document inventory section of an AMP Report contains sortable summative information about the documents found on the site. This information includes:

  • Document - The file location of the document
  • PDF Module (PDF Only) -
  • Linking Page - The name of the module (page) that linked to the given document
  • # Linked Pages - The number of pages that link to the given document
  • Technology Platform - The Technology Platform of the given document
  • Tested(PDF Only) - Indicates you whether or not the page had undergone automated testing
  • Tagged(PDF Only) - Indicates whether or not the PDF is tagged.
  • Violations(PDF Only) - Number of accessibility violations found in the document
  • Actions (PDF Only) - Select the action icon to test the associated PDF fileDocument Inventory

If there is more than one document type in the inventory, a filter will be available to allow users to filter the list of documents by document technology platform (e.g., PDF or Microsoft Word). 


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