AMP Winter 2015 What's New

AMP for Mobile - Beta

In partnership with IBM, SSB BART Group (SSB) is proud to announce the release of AMP for Mobile - Beta with the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) Winter 2015 release. AMP for Mobile is an automated testing engine for AMP for native mobile applications that run off iOS and Android and for browser testing on mobile devices. AMP for Mobile empowers organizations to automate the testing of native mobile applications in order to ensure accessibility compliance of mobile properties. This process will be seamlessly integrated within SSB’s industry-leading Accessibility Management Platform, which will allow the automated testing of mobile content to be managed in the same platform used to manage all aspects of an organization’s accessibility initiative.

AMP for Mobile supports iOS (AMP for iOS) and Android (AMP for Android) native applications as well as mobile web content as rendered on the device itself. Each platform has a complete library of automated and manual accessibility Best Practices updated and maintained by SSB BART Group on a continuous basis. AMP for Mobile allows testing to be performed directly on the mobile device. This means that the automated testing of mobile applications can be run from smartphones and tablets. This ensures the optimum level of accuracy during the testing process since simple source code analysis only covers a fraction of potential issues.

AMP for Mobile will be available to AMP Enterprise Licensed organization for an additional subscription fee. AMP for Mobile is scheduled for its official release in AMP Spring 2015. For those organizations that are interested in the AMP for Mobile Early Adopter Program please reach out to your account manager or for additional information.

AMP Report Enhancements

Edit Instance Severity

With the AMP Winter 2015 release, users are now able to edit instance severity. By default, all instances of an accessibility violation for a particular Best Practice inherit the severity level of the Best Practice. With the AMP Winter 2015 release, users with edit access to the report can now edit the severity level of each violation instance. This allows organizations to finely adjust the priority of each individual issue detected within their content for a customized remediation plan. For example, organizations can choose to lower the severity of spacer image missing alternative text compared to the severity of an image of the company logo missing alternative text.

Even Attach a Screenshot

Users can now upload a screenshot of an issue at the violation instance level within an AMP Report. This means that for each and every accessibility violation found in an AMP report a screenshot can be used to visually represent what is in violation. This is extremely helpful in identifying exactly what needs to be remediated within the content tested.




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