What is Access Alchemy?

Typically accessibility compliance testing, whether automated or performed manually, requires a developer to review a report of accessibility violations and manually make corrections to the source code of the website or application. Alchemy is a Level Access-licensed product that allows organizations to specify remediations for some of the highest priority and most commonly-found accessibility issues through an easy-to-use user interface. The organization must place a single Alchemy script tag on every page within their website or application. When end users access any page that has this script, the script checks the Access Alchemy database for available remediations and overlays them on the page, instantly improving the accessibility of the page. 

Access Alchemy customers use the Access Assistant toolbar to test their pages and find violations that can be fixed. These violations can be evaluated within the toolbar, where the customer can define the remediations for the violations. For example, if the violation is missing alternative text for an image, the user would be able to type a description of the image in a text field within the toolbar. Once saved, this alternative text would be inserted in the DOM on any pages where the violation is found, as long as the Access Alchemy JavaScript was present on that page. 

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