Q1 Release: AMP and Access Continuum

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On Friday, February 10th, 2023 at 9pm EDT, we will be upgrading Classic AMP and Access Continuum. You can expect an outage of up to 4 hours at that time.

Feature updates

Continuum C# SDK

Access Continuum now includes support for C# with a new Continuum for xUnit SDK. Access this project via the AMP Toolbox. A Community edition of this project is also available on webaccessibility.com.

Learn more about Continuum for C#.

AMP 9.41 Release

At the core of the AMP 9.41 release is a major update to PHP 8.1.  While this is being released to SaaS, this especially benefits our self-hosted customers to ensure they stay compliant to software End of Life (EOL) policies.We recommend self-hosted customers reach out to the customer success team to start planning for their update.

Additional updates

  • Support for downloading the Continuum C# release.
  • UX changes reflecting our merger with eSSENTIAL Accessibility into a unified Level Access.
  • Small security and library updates.
  • Some internal engineering changes to support future performance and reliability improvements for both SaaS and Self-Hosted customers.

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