AMP 9.5 & AST 4.3 Release

Release Logistics

Release Date and Time: Friday, December 15th, 2017 at 9pm ET
Expected Outage: Up to 6 hours

New Features

Shadow DOM Testing

With this new addition to Access Engine, Level Access customers can now better test pages built with web components. Content in the ShadowDOM is not visible to most accessibility testing tools, and typically goes un-tested. This new feature allows any of the Level Access testing tools, including Access Assistant, AMP, and Access Analytics, to fully test the contents of hidden web contents.

Section 508 Revised Support in VPAT Builder

The VPAT Builder feature of AMP now supports the Section 508 Revised standards.

Improved Module Reports

Reports now include many improvements so they can better display data about modules and their instances. Users can, for example, filter instances by status to view only the failed or passed violations from Guided Automatics.

Free Testing Tools!

With this release, will be updated to include community editions of some of our newest, most popular testing tools. Download community editions of Access Assistant for Chrome and Firefox, or try Access Continuum—our new JavaScript testing library for development environments.

Goodbye, AMP Toolbar for Firefox

In late 2016, we announced that we would be deprecating the AMP Toolbar for Firefox when Mozilla removed Firebug support in an upcoming release. The release of Firefox 57 (i.e., Firefox Quantum) in November 2017 officially ended support for Firebug. With this release, we are officially ending all support for the AMP Toolbar for Firefox. If you are running this toolbar on an older version of Firefox, it will likely still work. However, there will be no new development on this tool, and any issues that are found will no longer be fixed. If you upgrade to Firefox 57 before December 15th, please note that the AMP Toolbar for Firefox will no longer work. Want to test pages in Firefox? Give Access Assistant a try!

Want to learn more?

For more information, contact your customer success manager, email, or review the detailed release notes:

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