AMP Bug Tracker Plug-in: Setting up User Credentials

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Once the AMP Bug Tracker Plug-in is configured for an organization, users must be authenticated in the integrated bug tracking system. For AMP for Jira, OAuth is used to connect to the Jira instance, so users only need authorize the connection from AMP to Jira. IBM RTC customers will need to enter their IBM RTC credentials in their AMP preferences. 

IBM RTC Credentials in AMP

IBM RTC users setup their credentials in AMP in the Preferences area of AMP: 

  1. Select the Preferences link in the AMP header bar. 
  2. In the Preferences area, select the RTC Credentials link.
  3. Users can enter credentials for multiple IBM RTC instances, connected to different organizations in AMP. Select the Add RTC Login button to add credentials. 
  4. On the "Add RTC Login" form: 
    1. Select an organization in the Organization field. Only organizations that have an IBM RTC connection configured will be displayed in the menu. 
    2. The Site Address field will automatically be populated with the URL for the bug tracker linked to the selected IBM RTC. 
    3. Enter your bug tracker login information in the Username and Password fields. If the credentials are correct, green check marks will be displayed next to all of the fields. If the credentials are incorrect, the user will see an error message on screen indicating that a connection cannot be made. Valid credentials must be entered in order to successfully submit this form. 
    4. Select the Submit button to submit the form. 

Disabling an IBM RTC Login in AMP

If a user would like to remove their IBM RTC credentials from AMP: 

  1. Navigate to the Preferences area in AMP and select the My RTC Credentials link. 
  2. Select the icon in the Actions column, in the row for the bug tracker connection, to open the Actions menu. 
  3. Select the Delete Credential option from the menu. 
  4. In the confirmation screen, select Submit to successfully delete the bug tracker credentials. 

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