Evaluating Guided Automatics

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NOTE to Assistive Technology Users: Access Assistant can be opened with the hotkey combination Ctr+Shift+Space.

What is a Guided Automatic?

Some accessibility issues can only be identified with some degree of human evaluation. These issues fall under two categories:

  1. Manual tests
  2. Guided automatic tests

Manual tests, as their name implies, are fully manual, requiring the tester to perform all of the testing steps to identify any violations. Guided automatic tests are those where some automation exists, namely to find potential violations, but they require human review to determine whether or not the candidates are indeed violations. For example, all images with missing accessible names or accessible names that contain certain "bad" keywords, such as "image", can be flagged automatically as a violation. However, if an image has alternative text, a human must determine whether the text accurately describes the usage of the image. In this case, these images might be flagged as a guided automatic, or an item that needs review by a person who must pass it or fail it as a violation.

Viewing Guided Automatics in Access Assistant

When viewing a module, there are two tabs that contain violation data:

  1. Confirmed Violations
  2. Needs Review

The Confirmed Violations tab displays all automatically-found violations, as well as those guided automatics that have been failed and therefore confirmed as a violation. The Needs Review tab displays all guided automatics that require a tester to review them and determine whether or not they are a violation. In the title for each tab the number of items listed in each category is listed. For example, if there are 36 confirmed violations, the title for the tab would be "Confirmed Violations (36)." Select each of the tabs to view the items in each category.

Evaluating Guided Automatics

To view the guided automatics in Access Assistant, select the Needs Review tab within a module. For each guided automatic, select the edit icon and review the element that has been flagged for review against the associated Best Practice.

If the item is confirmed as a violation, select the Fail button. When this is done, the violation will then appear in the Confirmed Violations tab.

If the item is evaluated and determined to be accessible, select the Pass button. When this is done, the violation will be removed from the Needs Review tab. Note that the item will no longer appear in either tab in Access Assistant after this is done. However, they can be viewed in the violation reports in AMP.

To move on without passing nor failing the guided automatic, select the Cancel button.

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