Access Assistant Preview Modes: Overview

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A new and improved preview modes feature is available in Access Assistant. As with previous iterations of this feature in older AMP toolbars, the Access Assistant Preview Modes feature allows users to readily scan pages for potential manual testing issues. These preview modes assist the user in clearly identifying accessibility concerns with elements such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), header elements, color contrast, reading order and more.

There are two primary types of preview modes:

  1. Toggle Modes: This type of preview mode toggles a specific type of element, such as background images, on and off allowing the tester to ensure the elements are being used in accordance with accessibility standards.
  2. Visual Inspection Modes: These preview modes highlight items of a specific type, such as heading elements, and display the HTML for these elements for evaluation by the tester.

Preview modes should be used by testers to improve the ease, speed and accuracy of manual testing.

The following preview modes are available for usage in Access Assistant:

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