Using a Macro in an AMP Crawler Test

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One or more macros can be used in AMP crawlers to allow the associated automated tests to be run on pages and components that would normally not be accessible without human interaction. For example, AMP crawlers would normally test the initial UI state of a page, which means that dynamic components like menus and modal windows would not be tested. Users can record macros that activate these dynamic components, and they can add these macros to an automated test in AMP to enable the components to be tested during crawling.

If an AMP test has one or more macros associated with it, when the crawler encounters a page associated with one of those macros, the macros will be run prior to the page being tested.

Adding Macros to a Test

When creating an automated test in AMP a "Select Macros" section is available on the Create Test form. Note that the macros available for selection will be limited to those that have been made available to everyone AND those that have been created by the currently-logged-in user.

Select all macros that should be used when testing to allow the crawler to access all pages and components that should be tested.


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